Here is what our students say:

I enjoyed all of the instructors and the training was very good. It really helped to have the instructors right there helping when we performed the hands-on training. They also answered all of my questions to the best of their knowledge. I would recommend this class to others!
— Starlia H. Beaumont, TX.
The class is a great field of instruction. I couldn’t ask for better instructors like Connie and Emily to teach me what I want to learn.
— Betty D. Abilene, TX.
The class was extremely fun and very knowledgeable. The instructors were very excellent and made us feel more comfortable during the hands-on training.
— Crystal D. Austin, TX.
Connie and her instructors do an excellent job of putting you at ease while taking you out of your comfort zone. I was very impressed with the atmosphere as well as the extent of training I received!
— Justin T. Galveston, TX.
I really enjoyed this course. Not only did I learn a lot, I had fun! Thank you Connie and Staff!
— Renee R. Galveston, TX.
When this class came to Corpus Christi I really felt overwhelmed. I thought, Finally, I have a chance to become someone! and it was a great class! They gave me the courage to overcome one of my biggest fears NEEDLES.
— Valerie N. Corpus Christi, TX.
This is a GREAT class to take, I fully recommend it!
— Sandra R. Amarillo, TX.

This is a great class. Its very encouraging to know that I can do this line of work and feel comfortable with it!
— Anonymous Beaumont, TX.
I liked the hands-on training and the review done in the book. The teachers were excellent. They were very helpful, patient and explanatory. A big plus is they were fun!
— Laura F. Dallas, TX.
This class is very beneficial and fun! What I liked most about the class is every type of stick and draw we got to perform and that the equipment was very adequate. I give it a 10+!
— Ashley Y. Dallas, TX.
Very good and informative class. The hands-on training is the best part of the class!
— Janice S. Brownsville, TX.
This class is taught by awesome instructors who really encouraged and helped us all to perform the best of our abilities! It was a relaxed environment and very successful as far as everyone was concerned.
— Dyanna L. College Station, TX.
This was a great class. I learned a lot from it. Connie and Emily were great instructors, they made the class fun! It was a very positive atmosphere.
— Kristen R. College Station, TX.
The live demonstrations helped a lot. Connie was very patient and helpful when sticks were performed. An instructor was always there to help if you were nervous or forgot to complete a step. The lectures were great also!
— Valerie C. Austin, TX.